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match 3 template??

CybertouchCybertouch Posts: 31Member, PRO
Hi there!

Is there any templates for a match 3 android game?... if so which one, and if not, would it be hard to create from scratch on game salad?? (we are newbie game creaters so we would need help for that)

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  • CybertouchCybertouch Posts: 31Member, PRO
    that sounds good, will it be so you can move pieces to match three? i downloaded your cookie match, but it wasnt really what i was looking for, I was after something similar in style to bejewelled (not the graphics, but the style of game) will your new game be more like this?
  • CybertouchCybertouch Posts: 31Member, PRO
    hey Darren, we have pro membership... hope we didnt sound harsh before, we will try to build on the match3 cookie template we bought from you, we want to try to implement sliding to match 3 and possibly add a time feature..
  • TapcodiaTapcodia Posts: 84Member
    Will these template work differently then your Puzzle Bobble Template? That template is not very useable. Balls that dont match just disappear! Say you have 3 yellows on the left and near them are 2 blues. You shoot a yellow and it hits the 3 yellows, they disappear and after a second, the blues disappear too!
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