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Weird Text Rotation on actors with fixed rotation

I was experimenting with creating a "Candy Crush" type game where a series of actors fall from the top of the screen and stack up to form columns. Easy enough. When clicked on, I have the actors do two things - spawn a new actor above, and then destroy itself. That way when you click on an actor in the stack, it disappears, the stack falls down a spot, and a new actor is spawned at the top of the screen to replace the one that you just destroyed. I have all of these actors set to fixed rotation.

While experimenting, I also set these actors to Display Text - their own Y position. I just did this as test - no practical reason. To my surprise, as actors are destroyed and new actors fall from above, they display the text at different rotations - up, down, left, right. This surprised me, as they are all set to fixed rotation, and there is nothing that would cause a rotation. I fully expected them to all display the text straight up.

I am a complete noob to Gamesalad, so maybe there is something obvious going on that I don't know about. Any suggestions or help? Sorry - again, noob.
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