What should I be doing to become well known?

Hey I have had gamesalad for a year now but no one has played my games. I was wandering what are some ways that I could get more popular?
My most resent game is Boulder smash, if you could try it out, comment and possibly tell some others about it that would be awesome!

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  • TouchiMediaTouchiMedia Posts: 154
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    No one really has the gold formula besides heavy marketing through forums and possibly ad banners and submitting to review sites.. even then it's unlikely to gain stardom since it's such a flooded market -takes a lot to stand out.

    I know for iOS , from my experience, you really don't get any sales unless you hit the top 10 or 20 where your visibility can be seen by all the casual App users. Until then, it's marketing and hoping your idea catches on and is as addicting as you think. I really liked my App, made forum posts, and after a month maybe 30 downloads - and this App took me months to make - only for a $1 (Hackistar , ios - sorry shameless plug!;)..

    But it's getting harder and harder. When Angry Birds was gaining momemtum , it was a market with very little competition-- now you have some very high quality games that have a TON of content for $1 or free.. so you really need a polished product that has incredible value and unique addicting gameplay/design. Otherwise it'll probably go by the wayside with the other thousands of Apps/Arcade games.


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