Phantom folders during game save

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One of my students has not been able to save and retrieve her game. The file name is greyed out and when she names a newer iteration the art is not found. The folder where she is saving suddenly has a series of subfolders called actors, images, scenes, screenshots, sounds and tables. The root folder will have a gibberish name like JztcgGel. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I cannot figure out this one out.


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    This was my answer before:

    Has anything changed about your situation or are your students still using project files that were created on a networked drive?

    Is the newest version of GameSalad installed on that computer? Are any other versions (e.g. Nightly build, Release Candidate, older versions of Creator) installed on that computer?

    The subfolders are always part of a project file... you just usually don't see them unless you Show Package Contents on a Mac. Also check the filename extension by clicking on the project file/folder and choosing Get Info from the File menu. What does it say at the end of the filename? It should show .gameproj.

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