Is there something wrong with my app's?

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So I wonder why my app games are not more successful.

Is it because the app market is so floated that people are annoyed of app announcements? (And the NEW app)
Is it because I do the wrong type of marketing? ( Facebook, Google Admob, Twittter, Tumbler, Deviantart, Pinterest, Press Releases PR Mac, Development Blog Wordpress, 1-3 small review sites)
Is it because there is something wrong with my apps?

I really wonder mostly about point 3, I know as creators we often tend to be blind for major issues of our creations.
So I ask you guys for you honest opinions about my two released apps.

The Sha Man:

50 Downloads - 20 Paid / 30 Promo Codes
Live since December 2013 - 5 months

Marketing effort back than - Low

Sha Cat:

500 Downloads - Game is free - 1 In-app purchase 1.99 Dollar
Live since 23rd April - 6 Days

Marketing effort - big

Please shoot your honest opinions I'm not made out of sugar I try to improve for the next projects.


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