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So, I've been busy with other game development software, but I've still been watching the progress of GameSalad. It's looking pretty good...

Use network behaviors to send and receive data with almost any kind of server. Build asynchronous turn-based games or client-server apps, store data remotely, or sync with your own data server. It’s all possible with new network behaviors.

Wow, that's useful. This creates the potential to create amazing apps – not just games! The best part of this feature is that it puts the developer first. It gives developers choice.

However, the weekly update from @CodeWizard hasn't included an update to the roadmap lately. It's been about four months since the roadmap was updated...

...and unfortunately, Metrics Gathering Opt-out is still way at the bottom.

So, I see a great new GameSalad feature, but the Metrics Gathering still makes GameSalad unusable for my projects. The interesting thing about working with alternative software is that advantages and disadvantages become more clear. There are many things that GameSalad gets right. So while I'm glad I didn't stand still while waiting for GameSalad, I am impressed that GameSalad added such a powerful feature.

Two years ago, I posted this...

It looks like three of the four items on the list are fixed.

  1. Universal Binaries are possible with GameSalad!
  2. AdMob support no, but at least there are two cross-platform alternatives.
  3. Sending and Receiving data with a web server is now possible with GameSalad – amazing!
  4. Better HTML5 exporting (That's not quite there yet.)

If not for the pesky Metrics Gathering, GameSalad is looking pretty good.


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    I'm not sure how closely you've been monitoring, but the good part of the past 6 months have been redoing a lot of game salad's code foundation that was limiting them from moving forward. I think that is mostly done. version was one of the most stable releases in the entire time I've been using GS.

    I think things will be moving along more quickly now

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    I would absolutely love to see better HTML5 exporting. Being able to export a game to be used on a web page, with custom resolution and no forced branding would be amazing. In fact, I'd put this right near the top of my list of requested features.

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    @Armeline Totally agree. I thought we were getting more HTML5 love back when they were reworking their HTML5 framework for Tizen, but alas no custom resolutions or other exporting options. That kinda sucks as I really like using GameSalad for various game jams, but it is terrible being limited to the Arcade.

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    To be honest, I'm not happy with GS at the moment. Instead of making games, I'm finding and reporting different bugs, all the time.

    Also they removed support for compressed png. And now, it's impossible for me to release my biggest game on Google Play.

    If GameSalad solved it's problems. I would release 8 games. (basically it's 3 games, for different platforms, but I can't do that.)

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    @imGua said:
    To be honest, I'm not happy with GS at the moment.

    It's about a month later. Has the software improved for you?

    Sometimes around here I see the developers being blamed for not being good enough. The idea is that good developers make good games – regardless of the software. I think this is partially true. Like in the days of the Atari 2600... those developers didn't have the level of software or hardware that we enjoy today, but they managed to figure out creative workarounds and make fun games.

    However, I think that better tools make for better developers. Here's a story to illustrate why I feel that way.

    In my bathroom, the shower faucets were leaking. I had been fighting with this issue for about five years, which is almost the same amount of time that I've been using GameSalad. Then one day, the hot water faucet stopped working. Basically, the handle just went around in circles. The water could not be completely shut off.

    When I first attempted to fix the faucets, I couldn't get the handles off. Even with all of my might, the thing wouldn't budge. It wasn't until I got a faucet puller that I could remove the handles. It popped off like nothing. A better tool made the job easier.

    This helped with making the faucets work a little better for about a year or two, but the core of the problem was not resolved. Three stems would have to be replaced. I couldn't get those out either. I went to Lowes and Home Depot, but I couldn't get the right tools or the right parts. I tried removing the stems with a socket wrench, but it was slightly too big. Just a little bit off was enough to ruin the project. I'd scream and yell... arrrrgggghhhhh... but the piece wouldn't budge. I tried using a wrench for leverage, but it just kept sliding off. There were two slots for a screwdriver, but that didn't create enough torque for the piece to loosen. It only helped to strip the edges of the stem.

    With a significant amount of rage, I managed to get the center stem off. The hot and cold stems were still stuck. I took the loose part to a local hardware store. The problem was quickly identified. I was using the wrong tool. With the right sized wrench, I was able to properly apply leverage and easily twist the remaining stems out of the wall. I now can enjoy hot showers without drippy faucets.

    With the right tool, there was no anger or frustration. I didn't have to waste time either. I could just get to work.

    In the ultra competitive app stores, every little difference can matter. It's like racing at Olympic levels. There are certain issues with GameSalad that cannot be resolved with creative workarounds. I feel that IMPROVED HTML5 EXPORTING and NO METRICS GATHERING are two of those issues.

    The roadmap was updated recently. But unfortunately, metrics gathering is still at the bottom. This is a problem as it discourages me from wanting to use GameSalad. I've been thinking about updating my GameSalad textbook, perhaps doing it as a Kickstarter event. Yet, when I see no progress on issues that should be easy to fix, I start thinking about doing other projects instead.

    Metrics Gathering also ruined a rather cool project for me. GameSalad was the perfect software for the project. But now, the work sits in a folder, like a stuck faucet stem.

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