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Arsen Torosian strikes again (ripped off my game and published on app store)

DigiChainDigiChain Member, PRO Posts: 1,216
edited September 2018 in Miscellaneous

I've just noticed that redacted (a well known gamesalad pirate/thief) has a version of my very first Gamesalad game for sale on the app store! He's had it for sale for ages - but I didn't realise. He most likely got hold of it from the Gamesalad Arcade when projects could easily be ripped.

My game was called Aimless and is playable on GameSalad Arcade here:

His ripped version of my game is called Clickers, on the app store here:

Does anyone whose been through the process have any tips on what I need to do to get Apple to remove it??

Also, from previous threads I believed Gamesalad had taken action to remove his publishing rights (due to the amount of ripped-off Gamesalad games he had published)...

However he has just released yet another version of his adventure game 'The Secret of Father Simons', this time named 'A Fathers Secret'. So if there was a ban he's clearly found a way around it.


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