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Hi i have been trying to find out how to make a star menu system for windows gamesalad v.
I have found a few forums that are what I want but they are either confusing or for mac v. 11.3
Here are some of the forums/sites i have found....


this one kind of works but i want the stars to be stars not numbers


  • bjandthekatzbjandthekatz Orlando, FlMember Posts: 1,375

    In the second video where is displays the number of stars, simply add a behavior: constrain self.image to "Stars_"..(Attribute for stars here)..".png"
    Then you must import the star images as Star_0 , Star_1 , Star_2 and Star_3.

  • ohshoeohshoe Member Posts: 44

    ok thank you

  • ohshoeohshoe Member Posts: 44

    @bjandthekatz I am trying to hook up a star system ware it will only change the level you ware on not all of them.

    in my timer codding i have
    [ rule if all
    game.mytimer > 0
    game.pause = 0
    game.playing is true
    {Do timer every 0.1 second change atribute game.mytimer to game.mytimer+0.1}

    in my start display codding i have
    [ rule if all timer = 60
    game.what level >= self.whatlevel
    {Do change image to unloacked1}

    what i am asking is i have 6 different levels and i want to to show different star ratings for the different level but i don't quite get how. I thought I could use a table and have it save the time to a table but i don't know how to call on that table...

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