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State of GameSalad on 7-21-2014...

ForumNinjaForumNinja Posts: 541Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

Hello all you GameSalad users. This is my first State of GameSalad post so bear with me :) I've gathered some updates for you since last weeks’ State of GameSalad post:

  1. Publishing for free users. The issues our free users have been having in regards to publishing their games should now be fixed. If you’re a free user and still having publishing issues please let us know.

  2. New nightly build. The nasty bugs interfering with getting a new nightly build out have taken longer than expected. Steady progress has been made and we should be able to get one out soon. Thanks for all your patience!

  3. Maintenance build 0.11.1. This is getting very close to done. To my understanding we just need to fix some issues related to revmob on kindle and we’ll be ready to kick it off!

  4. Release 0.11.2. Not much to update here. There is still work being done on this release. It’s still a little ways off, coming after 0.11.1, and we’re still trying to have it ready in time for iOS 8.

  5. Public facing bug database. Sadly some nasty bugs have surfaced and release for it is being delayed some. We are working on squashing the bugs and getting it out in the next week or two. When out this public facing bug database will allow you to report bugs in a place that everyone can see and vote on.

  6. The new marketplace. Good progress is being made, however it’s still a ways off from being in alpha. More updates within the coming weeks on this subject!

  7. Release 0.12.0. Not much to update here. Still a little work on this is being done here and there. Once we have 0.11.1, 0.11.2, and nightly builds out more manpower will be shifted back to working on this release.

  8. Cross platform creator. There’s still lots time, energy, and tons of great progress being made! It’s still on the hush hush though. We don’t want our upcoming product to blow your mind in every conceivable way… yet!

We appreciate everyone being so patient and understanding of some of our delays. We also recently just added a new member to the GameSalad team!
Well that’s all for this update. We are still chomping away on all this work (Visual aid). More info coming your way next week!


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