Black screen when clicking the play button...

ofekezofekez Member, PRO Posts: 95
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Hello :smile:
i just started creating a cookie clicker clone and i created 2 simple scene...
1 for the Cookie and the CPS section.
2 for the store.
And from some reason when i'm clicking the play button i see the scene in black...
What do i need to do?



  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,660

    Does that happen in Gamesalad anytime you press the play button or only in the game you are working on?

    If it's only in the game you are working on you must have an error or bug somewhere in your behaviors that is causing it. You'll need to track it down and fix it.

  • ofekezofekez Member, PRO Posts: 95

    I have this problem only in this specific scene...
    In the shop scene i see everything normal

  • fegemofegemo Member Posts: 1

    It happens to me too, in a brand-new, blank scene.
    For example, if I create a new project and just change the color of the scene and then hit play, I am just getting a black screen. If I create an actor and drop it into the scene, I don't see it there either (with or without hitting play).

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