Timer countdown from end of game

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Hi there

I am new here and have searched a fair amount but unfortunately i have not been able to find the post to deal with my query. I would like to create a timer that counts down once a player has finished a game. I have a game whereby i want to encourage the user to buy lives. Therefore i want to lock the game out once the user has no lives left. The user will have a choice of waiting for the timer to count down to ZERO or buy lives in which case the user will be able to play without having to wait. I think the timer is based on if there are lives left. is there a tutorial that deals with this? I understand that this is totally possible although i do not know how to accomplish this

Many thanks in advance


  • DannyBuzzbyDannyBuzzby Member, PRO Posts: 157

    Hi, are there no guys out there that can look at this for me? i just need to lock out the actual game play for some minutes

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