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How would I make a scrolling level where most of the screen is static?????

FlyboyTrevyFlyboyTrevy Posts: 1Member
edited September 2014 in Working with GS (PC)

So Im working on a game where you would have to tap buttons and every time you tap a button on the bottom row all the rows drop down one so that you now have buttons to tap again. (kind of like guitar hero, but it isnt continually scrolling, it moves down every time a correct input is made...)

Heres an image of what I have so far:
(all there is so far is every time you click the green button on the bottom the 30 counts down one and the progress bar moves down from the left)

Im new to Game Salad and want to know how I would make those buttons shift down or even better all the rows that they are in with the buttons (without having to make a billion criss crossed lines above the screen) when the correct input is made. And then add animations to the buttons being pressed and disappear.

Just how I would go about setting up this structure.

Any tips are helpful.


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