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spawned actors disappear when custome unpause

Hello! I know custom pause is an old subject, but I didn't find a solution to my problem.

I've found this thread and I used the custom pause on my project:

My spawned actors though, disappear when I unpause the game using this technique.

My game starts with pause.attribute (integer) = 0

When I pause: pause.attribute = 1

When I unpause: pause.attribute = 2

My "spawner" spawns every 3 seconds when pause.attribute = 0 or 2.

I use the changeSecene Behavior the switch from pause.Scene to playGame.Scene and in revers also .

Why do my spawned actors disappear when I unpause?

Best Answer


  • bufteabuftea Posts: 43Member

    Do spawned actors disappear when you change the scene and then return to it?

  • yattamoveyattamove Posts: 236Member

    I have the same problem. When unpaused, the spawned actor disappears.

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