spawned actors disappear when custome unpause

Hello! I know custom pause is an old subject, but I didn't find a solution to my problem.

I've found this thread and I used the custom pause on my project:

My spawned actors though, disappear when I unpause the game using this technique.

My game starts with pause.attribute (integer) = 0

When I pause: pause.attribute = 1

When I unpause: pause.attribute = 2

My "spawner" spawns every 3 seconds when pause.attribute = 0 or 2.

I use the changeSecene Behavior the switch from pause.Scene to playGame.Scene and in revers also .

Why do my spawned actors disappear when I unpause?

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  • bufteabuftea Posts: 43
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    hello @yattamove ! I think (I m not sure) that when you change the scene the spawned actors disappear !

    I had to work around it! When I hit pause, I stay in the same scene and freeze everything and also an actor with buttons play or restart appear on top.

    By keeping the same scene my spawned actors don't disappear and when I hit unpause it works just fine


  • bufteabuftea Member Posts: 43

    Do spawned actors disappear when you change the scene and then return to it?

  • yattamoveyattamove Member Posts: 236

    I have the same problem. When unpaused, the spawned actor disappears.

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