How do I get up to date lives to stay on screen after an actor has died

My actor has 3 lives. When he dies the lives reduce by 1and so does an icon on the screen. How do i make it so that the scene resets but keeps the lives icon up to date? ie. 2 lives, 1 life

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  • revoltandreverbrevoltandreverb Posts: 159
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    Use the save attribute and save the number of lives just before the reset scene behavior. When the new scene starts use the lives saved and assign to whatever attribute that keeps track of your lives.


  • alexm92alexm92 Member Posts: 16

    Thanks a lot ill try it later.

  • revoltandreverbrevoltandreverb Member Posts: 159

    cool. you'll use the same process for saving high scores. if u get stuck with the lives thing, just check out tshirt booth's video on saving high scores...

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