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stevienicsstevienics Cornwall UKMember Posts: 4

Hey guys,
I'm having a bit of a problem with my timer. I'll try and explain my game a little so you understand what I'm trying to achieve....
Essentially you need to click as many correct actors as you can in 60 seconds but they change position after every correct click. I achieve this by having random spawn points and resetting the scene after the correct click. The countdown clock from 60 to 0 works fine as long as you don't touch anything but when you get a correct click it kind of stops (I guess this is to do with the reset scene rule). So basically if someone is quick enough with correct clicks then they can completely stop the clock.

Can anybody please help :smile:

I hope I've explained that well enough. Feel free to ask questions if I've confused you!!!

I look forward to hearing back!


  • furthergamefurthergame Member Posts: 56

    So if i understand well what you explained are you want keep the same value of in current timer when the scene is reset. if is that the problem is the reset. for resold that you can 1-create a boolean attribute that call "reset"
    2- put false in "reset"
    3-when you get the correct click don't use reset Behaviors because all you attributes will have the initial value for the current scene. Use the new attribute that you just create by change attribute-> reset to true
    4-That put a timer after 0.3 second -> random spawn points
    5- now into the points actor you have to create a rule say
    attributes reset is true
    6-use the destroy behaviors to detroy this actor
    7-use a timer after 0.4 second => change attributes => reset to false

  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914

    Post the code of your timer actor.

  • furthergamefurthergame Member Posts: 56

    I crate a Template for you that do that. i hope you enjoy it

  • stevienicsstevienics Cornwall UKMember Posts: 4

    Thanks guys. I'm actually away for a few days now but when i get back I'll have a look and post the code.
    I appreciate your help!

  • furthergamefurthergame Member Posts: 56

    You welcome.

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