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Why are my actors not displayed correctly when i publish my game?

The moment i click the shop and the scene changes, the images are randomly changed to a brighter version :neutral_face:

i tried to go back to an older version and recreate my newest version but i just ends up in the same way. Can someone plz help me <3 i tried to download the newest release candidate and i didn't work either. just ask if you dont understand my shitty english



You can download the game a watch how the game is suppose to look.


  • LoadedLoaded Posts: 240Member

    @dagsen I had the same problem when publishing greys -

    There is a bug in the bug data base - add a vote to the bug and it will get a higher priority from the GS team.

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  • Happy Family GamesHappy Family Games Posts: 25Member
    edited March 2015

    Do you have multiple layers in your scene perchance? If so and you changed the size of your scene, the layer that's putting actors in the incorrect place needs to be deleted and set up again. This happened to me recently and I dumped everything from my background layer into the HUD layer, deleted the background layer, created a new background layer and put the actors back from the HUD layer.

    If all layers are putting actors in the wrong place, I would suggest creating a new layer, dumping everything in it, then recreating layers and putting actors back as they were in the first place. It seems like when you change the scene size, sometimes the layer offsets don't update.

    Just realized how old this post is lol... wonder why it's showing up in unanswered

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