Can't sign a Andoid app on Windows machine



Why do I need an Mac to sign an android application? I have made my first game and I have the /apk file. When I click on sign it gives me an error saying I need to use a mac? Kind of defeats the purpose of a windows version if I need a mac anyway?



  • POINTINGPOINTING Member, PRO Posts: 14

    I worked it out, I think. The Sign App doesn't apply to the android .apk as I need to sign it on my PC. Not sure why it displays.

    or am I incorrect?


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    You can assign your android apk either on the mac or Windows. For Windows its under TOOLS>assign

    You download your file from GS publisher and then open GS, tools and assign it.

    With the Mac version, you click Assign in the GS publisher and then GS does the rest and you follow the steps

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  • POINTINGPOINTING Member, PRO Posts: 14

    Thanks jigglybean, that explains why when I click sign in the browser it crashes the browser.

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