Ping pong problem

Hello I am getting acquainted with GameSalad, however I am having difficulties resolving one issue. I have created 6 actors (paddle1, paddle2, leftwall, rightwall, ceiling, floor) I am able to constraint paddle1 and paddle2 to their positionx. I created tag of collidable applied to all above actors, whenevr paddle1 hits ceiling or floor, every actor starts rotating as it hits each other. Seems like the bounce off each other and rotate. Can someone help me out with this? Would really appreciate it.


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    Open up the attributes for the walls and uncheck 'moveable'.

  • ankit.badaniankit.badani Member Posts: 4

    Thank you so much. It worked.

  • ankit.badaniankit.badani Member Posts: 4

    Sir Socks, I am having another issues now. I have a spawnactor which spawns actor ball when it hits right or left wall, after 3 seconds. I have a rule for spawnactor which oversees a boolean attribute game.ballinplay (if game.ballinplay is false do spawn actor ball and set game.ballinplay to true). I have another rule for ball which destroys the actor when it hits right or left wall and sets gme.ballinplay to false. When the ball hits the right or left it gets destroyed but the next actor which is suppose to spawn never spawns, Any suggestions?

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