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If actor 1 is tapped actor 2 does this

Hi, I am creating a game where you have to tap a certain object. So I am trying to create a animation where a +1 sign pops up every time you tap it. So I tried to do that but I did that in the actor that you tap so it replace the actor. So I was going to create it another actor, but then I remembered that I would need to do it so that when actor is touched it shows the +1 sign. But you can't choose if a certain actor is tapped does this. It only does it if the actor you are putting the rule under is tapped.


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,906Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    You can communicate between actors by changing the value of a game attribute and having each actor check its value. But for your example, you might just consider having the tapped actor spawn a "+1" actor somewhere else on the scene.

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  • myu699myu699 Posts: 96Member

    Oh, I see Thanks!

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