How do i make the spawn timing and velocity of actor ratio 1:1 ????

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Background info:
I have a timer that spawns out an actor every 2 seconds at the top of the screen. The actor would then (move to) at the speed of 60 to (self.position.x,-40) all the way down. so for instance, the distance between 2 actors would be 80.

**Goal: **
What i want to do is to ensure the distance between 2 actors stays at 80 but i want to increase speed of the actor gradually to 90,100,110 as time goes by. what should i do?

**What i have done so far: **
Game attributes: integer Velocity 80
real Timing 2
i set up a timer to constrain both Velocity and Timing every second
game.Timing to game.Timing-0.125
game.Velocity to game.Velocity+5
but the only changes i see is that the actors move faster and faster by the spawn timing is the same. It stays at 2 seconds.

Here is a test project uploaded into dropbox, please assist me thanks guys!!

Target Goal :
Failed Scene(using acceleration) :


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