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State of GameSalad on 2-13-2015

ForumNinjaForumNinja Posts: 543Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee
edited February 2015 in GameSalad Kitchen

Hello again all you GameSalad fans! I’ve gathered some info to share with you guys, enjoy!

  1. Graphene SDK (previously known as “Cross platform Creator”). More info will be shared with this topic from CodeWizard periodically. For even more info or to sign up for beta access, refer to this thread:

  2. Release 0.14.0 for the Windows version of GameSalad Creator (previously referred to as release 0.12.0). This release is planned to be the one that gets Windows version of Creator synced up with the Mac version feature wise! This includes all the features we have planned for our 0.14.0 release for Mac as well!

  3. Release 0.13.0 for the Mac version of Creator. We’re hoping to have a release candidate out for 0.13.0 soon that will include gamepad support and the ability for your apps to be played via Amazon Fire TV’s (when published to the Kindle platform)! This means that if you want to make a game available on a Fire TV that uses a gamepad/controller you’ll be able to! We’re also exploring lots of different future opportunities in this field. Edit: This release candidate is out now, more info here:

  4. Release 0.14.0 for the Mac version of Creator. This release, while still a little ways out, is planned to have some long desired features such as the integration of AdMob and PlaysTogether!

  5. Nightly build for the Windows version of Creator. We are currently working towards fixing the known issues in the Windows nightly build. For more info and to let us know of any issues you’re having with the Windows nightly build, check out the following thread: and get the build here:

  6. Updated roadmap. I plan to try and have an updated roadmap for you guys sometime this next week, thanks for the patience!

  7. New marketplace. Work is still being done on this front and I'll let you guys know when I hear some info.

That’s all I have for you guys. More coming your way next week!


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