two issues with my game

Hey guys

I have two issues that I am hoping will be resolved

1) when jewels fall and collide, they push each other in weird directions and start rotating

2) I managed to touch and drag a jewel left and right, falling when I let go. The issue is that I am able to touch and drag them again after they have fallen, which I don't want...How do i get them to halt and prohibit being touched and dragged out of where they have landed?

Thanks in advance


  • GnarlyGnarly canadaMember Posts: 840

    For 1) what reaction are you looking for??

  • Oslm99Oslm99 Member, PRO Posts: 12

    For your first issue, check to see if your physics setting for bounciness is set to the default of 1 -- If it is then change it to '0' and see if that helps --

    For your second issue, set your actor up with a Boolean called released -- When you do your code for move and release write it something like this --

    Rule – "To Select your Object"
    Condition ‘Touch’ is ‘Inside’
    Condition 'Attribute' (If) self, released (Is) false

        Do – Use your current movement code

    then do another new rule in the Else Section

    Rule – "To Release your Object"
    Condition ‘Touch’ is ‘released’

    Do –
    Use your release code that you have written then add the following attribute in the 'Do' Section --

       Change Attribute (Set) self, released (To) true

    This will set up a self check that will make sure that the actor can only be used once -- give it a try and hopefully that will work for you --

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