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Problem with Layers and saving

Hi! I have this problem wich is making me a headache... i have a platformer game, and in the lvl a put 2 layers. when i try to save is giving me an error wich say the following.

¨error copying the file. please make sure you don´t have any of the files below open in another program and retry. would you like to retry now?¨

i click on yes and still the same problem... i don´t have the files opened,and i need to put the touch controller on that layer and the program is giving me this error... i try restart the PC, and everything but nothing... still the same problem.


  • restartgamesrestartgames Posts: 2Member

    Also... when i click on ¨web preview¨ the game is working, but if i click on ¨play¨ is having some errors...

  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO

    Hi @restartgames - I'm not much up on GSC for PC as I use the Mac version. However, perhaps I can help.

    Questions first tho' - what program do you use for making your graphics? What filetype do you save them as?

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