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Help with playsound please

SLOCM3ZSLOCM3Z Posts: 797Member


I just downloaded the latest build for windows and have been working on my game. The playsound behavior doesn't work like it did in 0.10.5. It is a machine gun sound that should play every time a bullet is spawned. It worked fine in 0.10.5 and now it doesn't. The bullet is spawned every .08 seconds, the sound plays for about 1 second then stops. I stop shooting and shoot again and it won't even play. Is there a fix for this? Or should I just make the machine gun sound 50 seconds long and play it whenever touch is pressed? Please help.



  • stevejstevej Posts: 435Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    It should work, please submit a bug report at It would help if you could attach an example project that demonstrates the bug as well.

  • SLOCM3ZSLOCM3Z Posts: 797Member

    @stevej Okay. I submitted the bug

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