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newest version of gamesalad can't do preview on window, please help![email protected] Posts: 11Member, PRO
edited May 2015 in Working with GS (PC)

After I pressed preview button, the software will be automatically shut down. Has anyone got the same problem? anyone knows how to fix this? please help. thanks
By the way, my saved project was created by old version of gamesalad, will that be a problem to open it in a new version? because it seems like fine when I created a new project and hit preview.


  • ImpervionImpervion Posts: 49Member

    Are you running a Nvidia card? If so the newest version dislikes these cards and has issues(I am one of those as well). There is supposedly a fix soon. In the mean time I deleted GS, installed the older version, and started work again - until the fix anyways. If this is not the issue then I am unsure.

  • JimmyMesserJimmyMesser LondonPosts: 235Member

    It's not just Nvidia cards, if your system doesn't support openGL 2.1 or above it will crash.
    My old laptop won't run it at all. I'm getting a new one shortly hoping that the Nvidia issue is fixed by the time I come to putting a game together.

  • BlackCloakGSBlackCloakGS Posts: 2,250Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    Try the new RC out and see if that fixes your issues.

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