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Stacking actors at the bottom of the screen

MoosefaceMooseface Posts: 13Member
edited May 2015 in Working with GS (PC)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a way to achieve this:

i have a game that involves bubbles falling from the top of the screen at random points, I want it so that when they reach the bottom they stack on-top of each other, and steadily fill the screen.

Has anyone got a way round this?


  • CabbageheadCabbagehead Posts: 10Member

    You mean like Tetris? Make a prototype rule for the bubbles: Condition - Collision (overlap with ground) Do - Collide.

    Then do the same when they overlap with each other. Go to prototype bubble and to physics, then set bounciness to 0, or 1 if you prefer them to bounce a little after hitting the ground/each other.

    I assume you already have gravity and random spawners and stuff. I'm not overly pro at this, so I might be wrong. Worth a shot, right?

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