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Am I haveing integer problems?

Hello again, the goal of this test is for the red block t stand on the blue block press a button ride the blue block up and exit the scene. but the problem I am facing is getting the blue block to move up. I do not need help om the other parts jut on how to get the blue block to move up, for now.


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,821Member

    This is how I would do it . . .

    (file attached) 11.3K
  • happygfishhappygfish Posts: 60Member

    how would I convert that?

  • happygfishhappygfish Posts: 60Member

    I am working with pc and it wont open :(

  • happygfishhappygfish Posts: 60Member

    Sorry about this, it worked fine. I tried to fix it for 3 hours yesterday, i just deleted the lever and put it back into the it works....

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