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Mac Creator Release 0.13.47 is available

QASaladQASalad Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 142 GameSalad Employee
edited October 2015 in GameSalad Kitchen

13.47 Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Layers to disappear when changing their order in the Scene layer list
  • Fixed an issue with Redo-ing a deletion of a selected actor instance

13.46 Fixes:

  • Fixed undo of prototype removal causing project corruption
  • Fixed issue with actor instances not being restored correctly
  • Fixed projects not loading due to bad user settings
  • Android apps should now behave better and not crash especially when a custom loading screen is used.
  • Android viewer no longer crashes when a Show Banner behavior is triggered
  • We now prevent Android devices from going to sleep when GameSalad apps are running
  • Removed the "Loading..." text when opening an android APK
  • Android now uses 2 letter country code for Device Platform Region
  • Buzz behavior now works on Android. Sends a 500ms buzz to the Android device.
  • Android back button now throws Esc key (connected gamepads will throw SELECT) if you don’t check “App quits on controller back button” during Web Publishing.
  • “Create Keystore” button during android signing now points to our Cookbook URL
  • We now force Java tools to return their output in English to fix the issue where passwords were not accepted during Android signing
  • iOS binaries are now built against the iOS 9 SDK
  • Revmob has been updated to 9.0.4 for iOS 9 compatibility

Get The Build: Here

Previous Thread for 0.13.44:

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