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Transferring Mac projects to PC

RocketBrainRocketBrain Posts: 269Member, PRO

So my Mac is pretty much dead so i tried to transfer my projects onto a flash drive and move them over to my PC but for some reason gamesalad doesnt recognize them.

any suggestions?


  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,578Member, PRO

    Simply remove the extension and the project will become a folder that GSPC will recognise.

  • GeorgeGSGeorgeGS Posts: 478Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    You don't even need to do that, a folder with .gameprojat the end works fine in Windows. You do need an empty file named whatever.gsproj in the directory, but that should already be there for projects saved from the Mac. If it isn't, you can just create it.

    Without seeing your project it's hard to know why it isn't opening. You can always use the ? at the lower right to contact customer support and they can help you work it out.

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