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Make actor faster with time

Hello guys. I need to add a actor like a bullet, it is gonna spawn out of the stage and it'll come in to the stage and while it is collided it will be destroyed but I want my bullet actor to get faster at every 10 seconds. for example it will start accelerate with 250 and 10 seconds later, the bullet's speed is gonna be 300 and 10 seconds later, it is gonna be 350. Bullet will spawn randolmy and always so it will be destroyed because of this I have to organize the prototype. How can I do this ? Have I use game attributes ? If I have, how can I do ?


  • BellowBellow Bartender Posts: 227Member, PRO

    create game attribute called bulletspeed as integer

    after that make that attribute 250

    give timer to you bullet spawner which never deleted from scene


    every 10 seconds

    change attribute

    game.bulletspeed to game.bulletspeed+50

    and give your bullet a attribute

    move or accelerate blah blah position

    speed of game.bulletspeed

  • thank you

  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,483Member

    @ichooicedanotherbrodamncmon!!1 a longer nickname would be great :D good luck with your game

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