behaviors not working on preview

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hello I'm still on my 15 day trial. I was working on an endless runner style game and it was going great. at one point I was working on adding randomly spawning consumables and I was halfway done so I previewed and... none of my behaviors were working e.g. I created a live system, using replicate: game.lives it was working but my preview suddenly brang it back to one. another example is i watched a video from Jamie cross about how to spawn the player using a controller, soon it stopped even spaing him in.
Any thoughts appreciated


  • sirtrollsirtroll Member, PRO Posts: 5

    please get back to me quick i am doing this for a school project. and i am using the pc version. thanks

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    In cases like this, it´s impossible to say what´s wrong without seeing the rules/behaviors you´ve set up.

    Post a screenshot of the rules that are not working as expected.

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    [preview version](pre[behavior version](behavior version "behavior version")view version "preview version")

    I don't know if this works
    only my platform movement works

  • sirtrollsirtroll Member, PRO Posts: 5

    it doesn't never mind. how can I add a image to the comment

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