Pendulum---math /physics help wanted

Can someone with enough experience in math and physics will help me with a problem i have?
I want to create a pendulum with a bomb attached to it, as it swings i want to be shown the trajectory/path of the bomb all the time while it's moving forward and back. and when the player is satisfied with the trajectory to click anywhere on the screen and the bomb to be released and follow the drawn/shown trajectory/path until collision and if not collide to run off the scene and destroy itself.
link to the image i made with what i need.


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
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    That's all quite possible in GameSalad, but unless you're @RThurman it will probably take the rest of us the best part of an afternoon to work out !

  • crazy_piticcrazy_pitic Member Posts: 4

    How can i open it? there is no .gsproj in there.
    I am on windows not mac.

  • crazy_piticcrazy_pitic Member Posts: 4

    It's kinda of what i want.
    Now i have 5 questions to make the "right pendulum":
    1. when mouse button is down the pendulum start's to move
    1. How to make him not to stop so soon---i messed around with some values but....
    2. when mouse is pressed to release "bob"
    3. How to draw the trajectory "bob" has while swings
    4. How to make "bob" be released from his constrains and follow the trajectory.
    And thanks a lot like you said it's a start but i think i really really need the help of @RThurman

  • RThurmanRThurman Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 2,862

    You are about a week too soon!

    The next release of GameSalad Creator will have the ability to specify the actor's center of rotation. It will likely change the way pendulums are created.

    So... I am happy to say that anything I share now will be obsolete in just a matter of days!

  • crazy_piticcrazy_pitic Member Posts: 4
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    Then i think i will wait for the next release and see how it works

    I was thinking to replace the pendulum to "patrol" in an half circle path to a constant speed that way it will never stops until a given coord to accelerate to. I will give it a try and see how it will look like.
    Thanks @RThurman and @uptimistik for the help

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