Problem with actors not showing up after switching scenes.

Hi! Thanks for reading. I am trying to get my game to go to the next level while showing the actors after switching. I have it set so that when my game score reach's 600 it switch's to the next level (scene) which it does but when it switch's the actors of the game items don't show up after switching.


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    Have you set the actors you need to into the second scene?

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    Hi thanks for the reply, yes I have. It's set on the score actor as if score reach's 600 change to next scene and the next scene is all set up. I also can't test the 2nd scene unless I move it to the top layer.

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    Does ANYTHING show up on your second scene? Each scene has layers but scenes are not part of layers... what do you mean by "move [the 2nd scene] to the top layer?"

    I would go through a process of removing actors one by one from the second scene until it works as expected. You may have an actor with a Change Scene or Reset Game behavior that you don't realize.

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