Very noobish Question working platformer game.

File link :

Hello Forum, I just started Gamesalad, I was doing assignment to make platformer game via Gamesalad. I watched the tutorial and made for my own, but there is so many that I didn't want, for example.

  1. Character often can't change direction, especially right after moving one direction. I did try myself solving it, but this is the far best result I could make.

  2. Colliding with wall make will disable character from jumping, I couldn't delete Platform's behavior, because doing it makes character jump infinitely. Same with adding condition "if self.Linear.Velocity.Y=0" will prevent character from jumping. how to fix it?

I can may use Template, but I want to do it myself. Please check my file and tell me what I did wrong.

Sorry for short language. i'm not from English country.


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