How can I add an Ad video ?

Hello! I want to add an ad video in my game. I have a game with coins and if you want free coins (for example 5 free coins per video) you'll click the Ad and the video will show then after the video has ended you'll receive the 5 coins. I only want a video to show in my app if it's pressed though. Is this possible?

PS I read somewhere that Chartboost can do this but there was a problem if you watched more than 5 videos that the Ad won't show and they will still get the coins. Is there a way to have that actor destroyed/disabled after 5 videos and then work again after a day or so?


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    The only way to accomplish this is to create a Chartboost video campaign. You sign your app to only that campaign. When the user presses a "show ad" button pause the scene to a "video ad" scene and show ad.

    When the user reaches the scene reward the user with the coins.
    After .1 seconds unpause scene.

    You can make an ad count to check how many times the user has clicked the "show ad" button. When the user has seen 5 ads disabled the button.

    Pros: Similar to Video rewards but not entirely the same.

    No callback is returned. The user can click the show ad button, but if the request isn't filled by Chartboost the user will receive the coins free without watching an ad.

    You cannot show a interstitial campaign.

    In conclusion,

    This is currently the only way to have reward videos in GS. Kinda...

    What you are trying to accomplish will be simplified when GameSalad adds the Chartboost reward video sdk.

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    @rapidparrot What I noticed is that Madden Mobile NFL has something like this set up. You are only allowed 5 video Ads per day and you get 5 cash for every Ad

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    @Lost_Oasis_Games don't we all! I was only wanting them to pop up when you want free coins

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    Nothing worse than being forced to watch a video in the middle of playing a game. Especially if you are trying to get in a groove. Going forward I'm only do pay to play. No more wasting time with ads. As Apple tends to be a good indicator, dumping iAds, I'm going to follow Apple's lead and in the long run I believe it will pay out. I might switch to making some simple free games that promote my paid games. Sounds like a better plan.

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    Yea, I think interstitial static and video ads are terrible. However, if a game has a good reward system I am often tempted to click and watch a video ad. If I can get "Revived" especially. I tend not to click a rewarded video just for a small amount of coins. But, if I am close to beating a hard level and die and can be revived I will. Or like crossy roads where you receive a free gift for watching an ad that approach is tempting.

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