grid to display x.y coordinates?

Is there a way to find the x,y coordinates in design mode?

While designing a game I want to know the x,y points on the screen. This is not to track a mouse position in game, but to place an actor at a specific x,y point in design mode. Is there some feature I can turn on in design mode, and then move my mouse around to get the x,y coords?

Also, if I did have the x,y coords and I spawn an actor at those points, will the center of my actor be spawned at that point, or will the bottom left corner of my actor be spawned at that point?


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    The answer to the first part is no. The answer to the second part is that actor positions are determined by the center of the actor. So spawning an actor will spawn at x,y where x and y are at the center of the actor.

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  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    There is no on screen display for coordinates during scene layout, you can double click on an actor to see its coordinates.

    You could produce a grid in Photoshop, place it onto an actor and place that actor in the scene as a guide.

    When you spawn an actor its coordinates are defined by its centre point.

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