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Experince points / BAR equation - Pic included for better help.

edited January 2016 in Working with GS (PC)


I need help with an equation to hold the EXP bar in max size.
Since my HUD bar has a limit of x pixels I need to be a max size even if the players EXPNEEDED attribute is higher.
Is this possible?
At the moment the higher level you get the more exp you need for the next level so the equation I have now wont work since it make the bar bigger each level.

anyone have a good equation for this issue?

here is a pic of what I got at the moment.



  • KIIVIINKIIVIIN Posts: 159Member

    @Socks Maybe something you can help with? :hushed:

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    Wrap the whole rule in another rules that says . . . .

    When EXPNEEDED < max value.

  • KIIVIINKIIVIIN Posts: 159Member

    @Socks could you help me with one little thing.
    Is there a way to set a display text everytime attribute "level" increases?
    So when I take level 2 example it says "you leveled up!".

    Is it possible to constrain this attribute somehow

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member
    edited January 2016


  • KIIVIINKIIVIIN Posts: 159Member

    @Socks said:

    huh haha

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