going from a scrollable position to a nonscrollable position?

Ran into a little problem today, i want to spawn an item into a scrollable layer and then have that item interpolate to a nonscrollable layer(the HUD). Im making an rpg and when the player collects a resource, I want to spawn the item from the node(scrollable layer) and interpolate its position to your inventory which is a nonscrollable layer. the problem is the grid coordinates (350,820) mean something different to the nonscrollable layer than to the scrollable layer..
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • kobayaashikobayaashi Posts: 140
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    Would it not be possible to gauge the position of the resource relative to the current camera position, interpolate to the location the resource would appear on the hud, then spawn a version on the hud layer while destroying the original? Or am I way off base..?


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