Pathfinding with Moving Actors

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Hi All,

I'm new to GS, but I cant find any documentation on Pathfinding that will assist me.

I have the basic PathFinding working, (ie I have the tables and globals of the 2 actors and I get the movement table back) but I cant seem to figure out how to make the "enemy" actor move along the path. Ive tried all types of loops but they either do nothing or romp along to the last movement row and dont follow the path.

I need something like (when stationary move to the next row)

Secondly obviously pathfinding is great if my "player" decides not to move, however thats unlikely so I really need to understand how I can reset the movement table. I have been recalling pathfind every 0.3 secs and tried only calling it if the Player Moves but the "enemy" actor just seems to follow the initial path...

Any help would be fantastic




  • markahoathmarkahoath Member, PRO Posts: 9

    Dont worry, I finally sorted it out... Will eventually put up a you tube on it.

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