Why isn't game center working?

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My controller actor basically houses some of the background rules. This actor is always on the scene and doesn't get deleted or moved. That is why I set the game center login.

This is the leader board button which will allow you to view all the scores posted.

I put the rule to in to post your high score in the high score display actor ... do you think I should put this rule in the control actor instead?

I showed you this so you know how my game center is set up in itunes connect if I made a mistake somewhere.

NOTE: I don't own an iDevice that runs iOS 7 or higher so I asked someone on the forums to help me test the game. He has said non of the stuff is working like it should be which shocks me because the set up for game center in gamesalad looks very simple. I have been trying to solve this issue for 3 days now or so. When I click the buttons on they work and say the accoridng stuff on my PC .. so I don't know what could be wrong. Thank you :)


  • jtadeojtadeo Member, PRO Posts: 92

    In order to test Game Center, the device has to be set to sandbox mode in settings. Otherwise it assumes your leaderboard is live.

  • http_gamesaladhttp_gamesalad Member Posts: 1,340

    @jtadeo thanks! Also does the set up look right to you?

  • jtadeojtadeo Member, PRO Posts: 92

    I notice you've set a number of conditionals so that the post to Game Center would fire. Ensure they are being met. From the looks of it, it should work, especially if GS is giving you the alert that it would post to Game Center.

    Optionally, run a test post by simplifying with hardcoded scores.

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