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GS Viewer doesn't connect with 1 out of 3 phones

mantazrmantazr Posts: 1Member, PRO
edited April 2016 in Working with GS (PC)


I have 3 phones to test my game on, the iphone 4s, samsung s2 and samsung s6 edge. And while it works on the first two, the GS viewer doesn't connect on the s6, nor via wifi or usb (GameSalad Creator not found). And it's important for me to see it in higher resolution and bigger screen. Any ideas, what might be wrong? Maybe there are some privacy restrictions set on the s6?


  • Orionis ArtsOrionis Arts Posts: 14Member, PRO

    I found that sometimes it's the order that the app then gamesalad was run (or the other way around) also, try and swipe away the viewer app in the recently run programs on android- that sometimes worked for me, almost like it reset the viewer. Once or twice I had to reboot the mac. Another thing I did was try different several usb cables.

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