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Which platform is best for Android phones?

hamzawesomehamzawesome Posts: 30Member, PRO

I've released the same version of my last game for iPhone and Android phones. However, some people who have downloaded it for Android have given me a number of strange complaints, including that the game doesn't stretch to the entire screen, that the game actually stretches too much and the top and bottom of the game are cut off, that the game only takes up half of the screen and the other half is black, etc.

I selected iPhone 6 portrait as the "Platform" for when I created the game project that received all these complaints. However, which platform should I select that would be best for most (or all) Android phones? There are no Android platforms to choose from, just iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle, and MacBook. I don't know which one is the closest to the resolution of most Android phones. Which one should I select?


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