Are these 'trial limitations' still valid?

LokitoesLokitoes Member, PRO Posts: 158

Hi all,

Just looking at this page from mid-last year:

Are these limitations still correct for 2016? Eg. can you still publish all but html5 in the free trial but you get a splash screen? Can you still save your working files as per usual? (Particularly interested in PC version use)

I ask because I'm wanting to show a student of mine GS. In fact I'll probably just be asking them to send their working file to me rather than even publishing anything as they're just learning. I have a pro account but they will be on the trial. Can't really ask this person to buy GS just to use it for one day of education. :blush: I'm also on Mac and they are PC but I am assuming I can just change their working file extension and it will still work on mine.



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