Combining attributes into a text attribute for an index

fmakawafmakawa Member Posts: 559

Hi Folks,

I have a problem with the table search function and an index I created. I created an index where various decisions where numbered such as decision A =2, decision B = 1 and decision C= 7, as integer. the index would be 2.1.7 as a text. my problem lies with the attribute for the combined values. Its in a text attribute but when I use change attribute to combine those I keep getting an invalid expression or just blank and not even a 0. When I manually add the value the table search function works perfectly and gives me the values I require.

I've tried - change attribute to = "decision A"."decision B"."decision C
"decision A"".""decision B"".""decision C
decision A.decision B.decision C
and I even the full stop into a text attribute called dot with just a full stop in it repeated those -
"decision A"dot"decision B"dot"decision C
"decision A""dot""decision B""dot""decision C
"decision A dot decision B dot decision C

What should I do regarding combining them?


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