How to add change direction on collision and random movement?

So... I started working on a game but i am stuck. I want an actor to go about randomly in any direction on the screen and bounce off from the borders into the opposite direction. But when i set collision attribute it just bounces of and collides again and again in the same spot until the actor for border itself gives it a way off screen by flipping over. SO can someone please help me with detailed instructions?

Thanks! any help is appreciated.


  • tonymtbirdtonymtbird Member, PRO Posts: 10

    rule: when actor receives event : overlaps or collides : with (any actor or tag ) (name) then i think you want the change velocity behavior? in expression editor you can insert function random (min, max)

  • RThurmanRThurman Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 2,861

    Sounds like you might be using a movement method that keeps the actor going in the direction it started.

    You might be using a constrain attribute behavior when you probably really want a change attribute action.

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