Facebook Integration- Is Stormy Studio's MySQL hack the only way available?

fmakawafmakawa Member Posts: 559

Hi folks, I was thinking of having facebook sign in as the account sign for various concepts I have so that you either create an account or login in using your facebook. Plus invite friends to the games etc. (Perhaps even have leaderboards based on your friends). IS that even possible in GS, at least the login option, or can you only do it with @StormyStudio 's hack?

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  • fmakawafmakawa Posts: 559
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    Yeah it's theonly method anymore since @Hopscotch came up with a way through his Appformative platform but its still not the smoothest implementation.


  • elementappdevelementappdev Member, PRO Posts: 55

    I don't think FB has easily been integrated into GS. I can only think of the "Tweet Sheet" behavior, but I too would love the ability for FB integration for accounts/scores/challenging friends. I think it would be an awesome feature!

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