Problem with moving platforms

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Hello everyone. I am working on a school project for my game design class, I am trying to make my actor on to a moving platform, but everytime he jumps on the platform, the platform just falls down or flies around the level. I used timers to make the platform move, and I can't un-mark movable in the actor's attributes (for the moving platform) because then the platform will not move. Anyone know what I can do to make sure the platform doesn't fall when my player actor jumps on to it?
Here's my moving platform code:


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    try giving it high density

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    Hello -

    1: Constrain your platform's y movement to a fixed height so it doesn't fall. For example, if your platform's y position = 150, then put in the platform:

    Constrain Attribute self.positionY to 150.

    That takes care of the falling.

    2: Click on Fixed Rotation in the platform's attributes so it doesn't spin when your actors jumps on (collides with) it.

    Let us know if that did it for you.

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