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All actors show up White (With an image selected)

thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51

I have been working a lot with GS and never had this problem.
I´m trying the new Windows version, and I don´t know why all actors are White when I push Play.

I tried with PNG and JPG, in the editor looks perfect, but when I push "Play", all actors are White (I can change the basic color, as if they wouldn´t have image). I have an image selected in the prototype and instance. They are "Visible"...

I´m getting crazy with this issue :neutral:


  • chaosmasterrochaosmasterro Member, PRO Posts: 51

    Only time I get an issue like that is when I use a change/constrain attribute with self.image rule and I don't have the naming convention right in my actor's rule.

  • thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51

    No rules in the actor, even the background. Perfect in the editor, but when I push play... all actors miss their images... Can´t understand why...

  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    You probably tried this...

    but save, exit, and come back.
    If not there still, re-drag the image into the actor tab.

    If any changes were made to the files in the Explorer/folder view (not GS), you may be at risk of having blank things until it reloads itself.

  • thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51

    I have restart a new Project a thousand times... Trying even with new images...

    I see it perfect in the editor, but when I push play... Actors are White (or the color I chose in the options), but it doesn´t detect the image I give to them


  • thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51

    Well, I´m deseperate with this... I reinstall GameSalad 4 times already. And always the same. White actors when I push "Play"

    This is a problema of the program, im´sure. I have 3 games published, I have experience using GS and never had this problema (don´t know exactly why it happens, but pretty sure is a GS bug).

    If someone knows what could be the problem... just let me know, please. I´m not gonna renew the license for Windows if I can´t work with it.

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