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Gamesalad bug in Windows 10 (white actors)

thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51

I have been working a lot wiht GS. Now I´m trying the newst version for Windows (I´m using Windows 10):

All actors shows up in White when I push "Play" (yes, with image selected in the prototype and instance and "Visible")
I see it perfect in the editor, but not in "Play option".

¿Anyone can help me with this? Thanks.


  • thejacsthejacs Member Posts: 51

    In fact, I just downloaded a game I had already published and working perfect. And when I open it with this new GS creator, it happens the same! All actors are White... WTF?!

  • kristoffer.bjornvikkristoffer.bjornvik Member, BASIC Posts: 1

    Has anyone solved this issue?

  • fmakawafmakawa Member Posts: 559

    @kristoffer.bjornvik said:
    Has anyone solved this issue?

    This was from a year ago and GS has been running 'fine'. Care to redescribe your particular problem??

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