Spawn Actor at a certain location

JDMorriosnJDMorriosn Member, PRO Posts: 6

I am watching the tutorial of the brick breaking game, But on the videos he is using the mac version. Most of the differences so far I have figured out on my own. But now I am on the last video and he destroys the ball, and re spawns it at the top of the screen. I wrote down the x and y position of my ball I want it to spawn x 293 y 881. But no matter what I try I cant seem to get it to work. The ball destroys like it should but it will not respawn, I actually tried to add the rule to the ball since you can pick self inside the ball. But he adds the code on the bottom wall, That we recreated and called destroy.

I added a pic I need to know what I put in the from position section and wouldn't make more since to put this rule under the ball instead of the destroy?


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